Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Self Portrait - A Western Avenue Studio 326 Challenge

Challenges..........challenges!  This painting began as a challenge activity between my studio mates at Western Avenue in Studio 326.  We were all to create a self portrait in the medium of our choice. Some did sketches in pencil or pen, some in water colors, and some of us in oils.  Portrait painting is a difficult task and one that I learned a great deal from.  Most artists at some time or other in their career attempt a self portrait. I was reluctant to post this at the risk of readers thinking that I am vain, however, I was encouraged by friends to do so.  I do think that the painting looks somewhat like me and is a fair for a first attempt at figurative painting.  Looking at it makes me want to turn back the hands of time.......but what is, is!  With this post I have caught up with my posts after a long hiatus from this blog.  It does show that I have been working in the studio painting even though I was not blogging.  I really enjoy sharing a studio with other painters for the comraderie, constructive criticism, and fun afforded by activities such as this one.

Kimball Farms Antique Ice Cream Truck

Another of my summer paintings, this painting was the final result of what began as a day of Plein Air
painting in late August.  The truck  is an antique ice cream truck from the local ice cream stand that has been a fixture of life in Westford, MA for many years.  The painting was finally finished in my studio from pictures taken on location.  Another challenging subject for me to paint was this vehicle. I am relatively pleased with this painting which is available.  If you are interested contact me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art Teacher Wins State House Christmas Card Contest

           In November members of our open studio group were invited to the State Archives Building on Morrisey Boulevard in Boston to celebrate Marie Stabile's award as the winner of the 2010 State House Christmas Card Contest.  For the past two and one half years Marie has been my teacher and mentor as I paint with the Cameron Senior Center Open Studio Artists every Monday afternoon.  The pictures in this post are of Marie receiving this award from Secretary of State William Galvin,  Marie Stabile and long time friend and artist Janet Lambert Moore who was last year's award winner, members of the open studio art group, and of course the award winning painting. 

Farmer's Market 2010

As I promised in a previous post I have again statrted to post to this blog.  The painting on the left is a 16X20 oil that I painted last summer of the Farmer's Market. I am pleased with the results since the challenge for me was the multiple figures and the many tent angles.  This painting is available and is now hanging in my studio at Western Avenue.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Parish Church United on the Common Westford, Massachusetts

This painting is of the First Parish Church United which is on the Common in Westford, Massachusetts.  A beautiful building with a great deal of historical significance since it served as Westford's Meeting House for over 100 years.  The early records of this wonderful rural town are still housed among the church records. The painting is an 8 X 10 oil on canvas board.  I am pleased with the results I achieved.  This painting is the second of a series of paintings that I intend to do of sites around Westford.  In an earlier post I showed a view of the Gazebo on Mill Pond in Graniteville, one of the villages of Westford, which I painted in the Spring of 2010.  The painting is available and is copyrighted 2010 Joe Lapiana..  I am looking forward to the cooler weather of September and October to do more plein air paintings and to working at my studio at #326 on the third floor of the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA.

Mountain Hideaway

It's been a lomg hot summer and I have only been painting once a week, primarily with an Open Studio Group that meets on Mondays at the Cameron Center in Westford. The room we use has been beautifully renovated and best of all air conditioned on these dog days.  With the heat I was thinking of cooler places and so I was inspired to paint this scene reminding me of an area in Estes Park, Colorado.  I am fairly happy with the depth that I was able to achieve and how the tones create a distinction using lights and darks.  This painting, an 8 X 10" oil on canvas board, is copyrighted 2010 Joe Lapiana and is available for purchase.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Friday, 7-2-10 several of the Nashua Area   Breakfast Club Artists met in Hollis, New Hampshire to paint Plein Air.  This is my painting of "A House On Monument Square.  It was so much fun to paint outdoors with a group of artists who each chose a scene to paint.  Some of us painted the same scene from different angles. We will repeat the plein air experience each Friday as weather and time permits.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dunes

It's summer and all thoughts turn to the beach.  This painting which is called The Dunes is an 11X14 Oil on Canvas.  It was inspired by two of my favorite beach spots in New England, the sand dunes at Crane's Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts and the Province Land dunes just outside of Provincetown in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  I am pleased with the overall composition, movement in the ocean, and the mood of a windy day at the beach.  The painting is available as an original or a giclee print.

Chelmsford Art Society - 4th of July Exhibition

Just a quick post to invite all that are around for the 4th of July to visit the 42nd Annual Chelmsford 4th of July Art Festival.  Many of my art friends have pieces being shown at the festival. I have submitted three pieces this year Summer Flight (Dragonflies) a 16X20 Oil on Canvas, The Gazebo at Mill Pond In Graniteville (Westford) a 16X20 Oil on Canvas, and Fishing at East Boston Camps (Westford) an 11X14 Oil on Canvas.  The Festival is open to the Public July 4th Sunday 6-10:00 PM and Monday, July 5th from 8:30AM until 1:00 PM.  Come by and enjoy the art as well as the festivities across the street on the common. The Art Festival occurs in the Old Town Hall, 1 North Road, Chelmsford (in Chelmsford Center).

Friday, June 18, 2010

My studio mate brought a Phalenopsis orchid into our studio many months ago and this plant has thrived and bloomed and rebloomed,  Orchids have always been a favorite of mine and so here is my representation of an orchid which I call The Sentinels.
I am quite pleased by the results and enjoy painting flowers.
Several of my friends have joined the new movement to raise chickens for fresh eggs. This painting which I call Chanticleer captures a rooster struting his stuff.  I have enjoyed painting a variety of subjects, learning and revising my approach as I paint each one.
This painting was inspired by my attendance at a cousin's wedding where the ceremony took place at Portland Head Light on Cape Elizabeth in Maine. Lighthouses have always had a special attraction for me and I know that many people are collectors of lighthouse paintings.  This is the second in a series of lighthouses that I am painting.  The painting is a 16X20 oil on canvas and is available for purchase.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free to Run

This painting was a commission for a lady whose daughter brought this dog home as a rescue dog from a shelter.  The dog is about one year old and really enjoys running on a beach and playing in the surf.  I was quite pleased in my ability to capture the whispy nature of the dog's fur as it stood in the wind and the expression on the dog's face.  This painting is not for sale, however, I do accept commissions of dogs if that interests you.

Breakfast Club Challenge

This photo was set  up as a challenge by Nita Legere Casey of the Nashua Area Artists Breakfast Club. The challenge was that painting of them was restricted to two colors, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna as well as black and white.   My challenge painting which appears below the challenge photograph was a great surprise to me in that before attempting this challenge, I really did not think that I could have achieved the many colors in this painting using such a restricted pallete.  This challenge was an incredeible learning exercise.  It is through challenges such as this that we grow as artists in our understanding of how to approach new art. I am very grateful to my artist friends in the "Breakfast Club" for the many things they have taught me and for their encouragement and support over the last few years.

Dragonfly's Flight

I am quite pleased with this painting which I call Dragonfly's Flight.  It is a 16X20 oil on canvas which is for sale.  I liked the challenge of painting the transparency of the dragonfly's wings.  This painting will most likely be entered in the Chelmsford Art Society's Fourth of July Show.

Monday, June 7, 2010

More Friends and Family at Open Studios May 1st Our Spring Art Thing

Open Studios May 1st

Finally a new post! Where does time go? This is a picture of some of my family visiting my studio at Westerrn Avenue on May 1st. My niece Kathy, Me and Sister Rosemarie. All seemed to enjoy the many open studios and it was good to see friends and family.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

CCA Art In Bloom

Thought that I would post a few pictures from the first Chelmsford Center For The Arts Exhibition of Art In Bloom which I participated in Friday April 9th through Sunday April 11,2010. I really enjoy participating in group exhibitions and meeting all the patrons. An artist needs feedback on his work and gets a great feeling when others make appreciative comments. I hope to participate in many more exhibitions as my work progresses.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thought I would post this invitation to the Chelmsford Center For The Arts In Bloom a weekend show that one of my paintings "Pond Reflections" was selected for inclusion in. My painting will be on display in the auditorium along with a flower arrangement created by a member of the Chelmsford Garden Club that complements the colors and theme of the painting. This show will be open from Friday evening 4-9-10 through Sunday 4-11-10. Exhibits can be viewed on Saturday and Sunday for a small donation, however, Friday evening (7-9 PM) there will be a gala reception and for a $20 donation for a ticket you can enjoy hos d'oeuvres and a cash wine bar. Music will be provided by Brian Friedland on Piano. This is the First Flower and Art Show to benefit the New Chelmsford Center For The Arts
located at the Old Town Hall, 1A North Road, Chelmsford, MA. Come by an support the new art center.
Several people have asked for driving directions to The Western Avenue Studios. Here are the easiest directions for driving: From the Lowell Connector off route #3, take the Thorndike Street exit. At the third set of lights take the ramp on the right. At the second set of lights at the top of the ramp, turn left onto Middlesex Street. Middlesex street bears to the right just after the Boys and Girls Club, follow it to the first set of lights which is School Street. Turn right on School Street, at the crest of the hill turn right onto Western Avenue. Western Avenue Studios is the five story red brick building at the end of Western Avenue. My studio is #326 just off the common area on the third floor.

Morning Song

Also inspired by early spring bud bursts and the arrival of song birds my attempt was to silhouette these against early sky colors in a more abstract composition. This is an 11X16 oil on canvas and it is now hanging on my studio wall at Western Avenue. If any of these paintings on this blog interst you please contact me and we can discuss their purchase.
In this 12 X 16 oil on canvas I have tried to capture the beauty of dragonflies. I simply call it "In Flight"/ I am quite pleased with the effect of transparency on the flies' wings. The painting was inspired by the warm weather and thoughts that these beauties will soon visit.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lowell Handmade Art, Music, Film, Food, Culture & More in Boston's Favorite Mill City: Come Discover the Wonder of Art at Western Ave Studios

Lowell Handmade Art, Music, Film, Food, Culture & More in Boston's Favorite Mill City: Come Discover the Wonder of Art at Western Ave Studios Check out this great new resource for the arts in the city of Lowell..........everything you need to have a great time listed in one place. Also be sure to drop into Studio #326 when at Western Avenue Studios where I and my studio mates can be found on Open Studio Saturdays which is always the first Saturday of every month from 12 noon until 5 PM. We always have a variety of art hanging on our studio walls as well as several works in progress. Come in and enjoy good conversation, coffee and snacks while viewing the art.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thought I would include this photo of my fellow artists from the Nashua Artist's Breakfast Club who stopped by my studio #326 at Western Avenue Studios during our March open studio on 3-6-2010. It was great fun to sit and chat about painting and other experiences of the Breakfast Club an informal group of artists which has been meeting at Boarder's Cafe in Nashua New Hampshire for more than 20 years. Being a relatively new member of this group has been wonderful as these accomplished artists have inspired me to continue working on my art and their help, friendship, and support is valued and appreciated. It is also through this group that I have been encoraged to exhibit in four shows over the past two years. Since artists often paint in isolation finding this group has been a wonderful experience. Also through email and facebook and sharing our blogs we are tuned into many happenings in the arts in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Koi Pond

I was inspired for this painting by a fellow Nashua Artist's Breakfast Club friend Priti Lathia who has done many beautiful paintings of Koi. The fish remind me so much of the Koi that I used to keep in the small pond on my front deck in the warmer months. The many colors of the Koi and thair constant motion is a relaxing sight. My first attempt at painting fish, I am somewhat pleased , however, I will try to improve on the subject at a later time.


In this painting I tried to capture the fun of childhood and the spirit of winter. I am happy with the result and like the motion it represents. It's now time to focus on more springtime themes. ZI continue to explore many new subjects for my paintings and learn with each new attempt.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Painter

Another of the "Hurry Up and Paint Workshop" paintings. This painting is an 8X10 Oil on Canvas which is more impressionistic than many of my paintings. As I develop in my painting style my hope is that I will eventually evolve into a painter that paints works which are less detailed and more impressionistic than some of my work. I study painting under a painter that refers to this style as Realistic-Impressionism.


On January 16th I attended a workshop given by Artist Stephen Previte at his studio in Nashua, New Hampshire which was another of his Hurry Up and Paint Workshops. We were given 30 minutes to produce paintings around specific themes. In this painting we were allowed to use a limited palette of any tone of two colors. I am pleased with the results of this 8X10 Oil on Canvas which I call simply "Serenity". Participating in these workshops causes me to loosen up and also forces me to paint "out" of my comfort zone". I enjoy learning new techniques and feel that my development as a painter is improved in these workshops.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Studio Work Space

These are a few more pictures of Studio #326 and in particular my work space near the front with a big mill window for light. The wall behind displays a few of my paintings. I hope to get back to posting some new work in the next few weeks.


In this photo which was taken 1-28-10 I am working on finishing an 8 X 10 oil on canvas of a still life which was begun on January 24th at a paint in of the Nashua Area Artists Breakfast club. One of the artist's in the group invited us to paint still life paintings of 3 different groupings of flowers,pottery and fruit. I am somewhat pleased at my painting two vases, one of tulips and the other of hyacinths and golden rod like flowers. Painting from live subject is something I need to practice more,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open Studio at Cameron Center

Recently I, along with several of my fellow artists who paint in an open studio at the Cameron Senior Center every Monday afternoon were featured in a slide show created and used by the Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley during their annual meeting in a presentation called Creativity and the Older Adult: A Look at the Extraordinary. This is a picture taken for that slide show. I thought that I would include it as my final post today. I am now caught up with the projects I have been working on recently.

Waning Light on Cranes Reservation

One of my favorite places for experienc-ing the stillness of nature is by the salt marshes on the Cranes Reservation in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This 16X20 original oil on canvas was painted following such a trip to the marshes. I was attracted to the changes in the sky as seen against the greens and greenish gold of the marsh grasses and reeds as the light was beginning to fade late in the afternoon.

This is an 16X20 original oil of a quiet spot for reflection in the Granitville Village of Westford, MA. I call it the Gazebo on Mill Pond. Westford has many beautiful spots for quiet reflection as we are fortunate to have four major bodies of water and several brooks and streams.

This is another of my series on fruit and vegetables. It is an 8X10 original oil on canvas board. Of the series so far I am less pleased with this painting. I thnk that the highlights and light direction need more work and will try this subject again at a later date.

Wow.....Where does time go? I have continued trying new subjects even though I have not posted. My last post was at Thanksgiving. Inspired by the painting I did of the mini-pumpkins and sage, I decided to try several fruits as subjects. This is an 8X10 original oil on canvas board. I am somewhat pleased with the highlights and shadows and plan to continue learning the strokes necessary to accomplish reasonable representations of fruits and vegetables.