Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Painter

Another of the "Hurry Up and Paint Workshop" paintings. This painting is an 8X10 Oil on Canvas which is more impressionistic than many of my paintings. As I develop in my painting style my hope is that I will eventually evolve into a painter that paints works which are less detailed and more impressionistic than some of my work. I study painting under a painter that refers to this style as Realistic-Impressionism.


On January 16th I attended a workshop given by Artist Stephen Previte at his studio in Nashua, New Hampshire which was another of his Hurry Up and Paint Workshops. We were given 30 minutes to produce paintings around specific themes. In this painting we were allowed to use a limited palette of any tone of two colors. I am pleased with the results of this 8X10 Oil on Canvas which I call simply "Serenity". Participating in these workshops causes me to loosen up and also forces me to paint "out" of my comfort zone". I enjoy learning new techniques and feel that my development as a painter is improved in these workshops.