Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mini Pumpkins and Sage

As Thanksgiving approaches, in this 8X10 oil on canvas board I tried to capture the fall colors of the mini-pumpkins seen against the green shades of the sage leaves. I feel that the leaves need a little more work but I like the multiple tones in the pumpkins as they lay against each other. I will be attempting three paintings this size for mor practice on still life painting with the remaining two being a grouping of apples and a grouping of cherries. I guess the annual feast has inspired thoughts of other foods.
This original oil 11X14 on canvas was inspired by a late fall trip to Heald Pond in Pepperell, MA. The pond surface was mirror-like and the changing colors of the leaves contrasted well against the evergreens in the background and the sky. This painting has sold.