Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tea Time

On a cold winter day one thinks of the warm mornings when breakfast on the patio is a real treat.  This 9 X 12 oil on canvas board reminds me of those times. The pleasures of tea or coffee on those mornings is special.  With this painting I have caught up again with my blog posts..........I look forward to posting a few new works that I am currently working on.

Flowers in a Red Vase

This piece is an 8 X 10 oil on canvas and is more impressionistic than many of my art pieces.  Always trying new things and learning with each piece produced.....making art is a fascinating journey.

Abstract #1

This piece was done with a technique called webbing in an abstract format.  What do you see in this piece?
Doing any kind of an abstract piece is a departure from my usual subjects.  I like to experiment with new approaches to art but it doesn't come easily for me as more of a traditionalist when it comes to subject matter.

Winter Blue

As frequent visitors to my bird feeder I am always excited to see either a blue jay or cardinal.  The blue jay always announces himself by a rather loud voice or call.  Being larger than most winter birds at the feeder they are often bullies to the smaller birds and can empty a feeder in short order.  They are some of the colors that to me say spring will soon be here. This painting is also available through my studio.

The Wine Maker

Inspired by a recent trip though the wine country and vineyards of Provence in France, in this 8X10 oil on canvas I tried to capture the storage room of an old vineyard.  In wine cooperatives the wine is often stored in very large barrels, sometimes before transfer to smaller barrels for longer term storage. Trips to these cave like rooms always involves wonderful local wine tastings.

True Love

There is a very special bond between a young boy and his dog.  Having felt this as a boy myself I was inspired to create this 8 X 10 oil on canvas board.  There are few times in life when such unconditional love is given and thus the title "True Love".  This painting is also available through my studio.


My dad was an avid hunter and every fall during Pheasant season he and my English Setter "Sunset Queen" or "Queenie" for short would be out hunting pheasants and invariably after my mom dressed them out we had a great feast of pheasant.  The ring neck pheasants are now largely gone from my landscape sadly and whether it is due to a virus that affected the population or loss of habitat I am not sure.  It seems that they have been replaced by an abundant population of wild turkeys in Massachusetts.  This 8 X !0 oil on canvas board is available through my studio at Western Avenue.

Winter on the Farm

New England has been caught in a very cold and snowy winter this year with the onslaught of the polar vortex which has visited us at least twice. This 8 X 10 piece was done from memories of winters past. On a warmer year with less snow it is easy to forget what winters were like in childhood and can still be a challenge now!

Standing Proud

 I have been working on smaller pieces more frequently.  The title of this 8 X 10 oil was inspired by the Marathon Bombing in Boston which coined the phrase "Boston Strong"  The Bald Eagle has always been a majestic, powerful and strong image.  Boston truly stood proud during this time when character was tested.
This painting is available through my studio.

Cape Bon Entente

Trying to remain faithful to catching up on work done last year but not posted.
This seascape is called "Cape Bon Entente" inspired by a place I visited many years ago. I am quite happy with the sense of movement captured in the water.  This 9 X 12 inch oil on board is available through my studio. (Copyright 2014 Sunset Studio-Joe Lapiana) Sold

New Publicity - New Postcard

Thought you might like to see the new postcard publicity for Western Avenue Studios and Lofts.  This Saturday March  1st is the monthly Open Studios which occurs the first Saturday of every month and happens from 12 noon until 5:00 PM.  If your in the area stop by studio #326.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finally getting caught up with posting most of my paintings more recently completed during 2013.  As I indicated in a previous post I easily get behind in posting but that doesn't mean that I have stopped painting.  Of course like any artist i go through periods of rapid production and periods of painting less often.  Life often gets in the way of doing those things that one enjoys!  On of the pleasures of winter is gazing out my patio doors to my bird feeder and whenever a blue jay or cardinal is feeding at the feeder it is always a great unexpected pleasure.  Loudly protesting and often being a bit of a bully to smaller birds the color of the blue jay is always exciting against a snowy background. This painting was inspired by such a visit from this bird. The painting is available for purchase through my Sunset Studio in suite #326 at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA.

Gazebo at Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod Massachusetts

This painting in a more impressionistic style is of another peaceful spot on Cape Code Massachusetts in the town of Chatham and is of the gazebo seaside behind the Chatham Bars Inn.  The inn is a favorite vacation stop over for many visitors to the Cape.  When the gardens are in full bloom it is a riot of color and one of the most peaceful and relaxing places one can spend an afternoon.  This painting is available through my studio.

Nauset Beach Light

Cape Cod which makes up what is often called the hook of Massachusetts is a favorite place for tourists to the area to visit.  Toward the outer part of this Cape approaching Provincetown is the town of Nauset whith its famous barrier beach visited and enjoyed by many during those hot summer days.  At the end of the beach stands the Nauset Beach Lighthouse. This quick little painting 8 X 10 oil on canvas was inspired by a visit to that famous beach during summer 2013.

Menemsha Bay Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Off the coast of Massachusetts lie several islands that are easily accessible by ferry from either Hyannis or Woods Hole Massachusetts.  One of my favorite places to visit is the serenity and quiet of a small fishing village on the larger Island of Martha's Vineyard.  This painting was inspired by one of those visits and is a representation of the very small fishing village of Menemsha Bay.

I am always drawn to the ocean and on this day the ocean was calm allowing for the reflection of the fishing boat in the water which was a new challenge to paint.  New England and the Massachusetts coastline has
several of these small coves where similar scenes exist. This painting is available through my studio and would love a home on a wall in a summer home by the ocean.

The Heron

Each summer for the past many years a heron returns to a small brook at the end of my street in Westford, Massachusetts.  This painting was inspired by his/her return during the summer of 2013. These birds are magnificent and watching them take off and land in this brook area is a real treat.  This painting is available through my studio and would be a great addition in the home of a bird lover.

Trail Buddies - A Western Scene

One of my most recent paintings is this Western Scene of two buddies on a late afternoon ride as they talk about the adventures of the day.  The biggest challenge in painting this 16 X 20 oil on canvas was painting the horses. I am pleased with my results. This painting is available for purchase.

Gifts From The Heart

      In the continuing process of updating more recent work I thought that it would be nice to show a few pictures of the last big promotion at my Western Avenue Sunset Studio.  On the first Saturday in February the Western Avenue Studios and Lofts holds what we call "Gifts From The Heart" a special promotion for Valentines Day.   These pictures show a few of the improvements at Western Avenue that I have previously talked about as well as banners announcing this special promotion.  On February 1st I was fortunate enough to have 87 visitors in my studio #326 at Western Avenue.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remembering Summer Days At The Beach

     During August of 2013 while sitting and watching two children playing by the water at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire I was inspired to paint the following 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas:

I am pleased at my results and like the mystery of not being able to see the detail in the children's faces. I think these children were brother and sister and in years to come they will remember their special days at the beach and the bonding that goes on there among families and friends.  This painting is available for sale in my studio and would make a great gift from one sibling to another who recalls those wonderful childhood days.

Completed Works 2013

I will be posting updates of work that has been completed since my last posts in 2012.  Among which are the following:

This painting of "Fall In New England" was completed in the fall of 2013 and inspired by the many beautiful
colors of the leaves and trees during the season. This is a 16 X 20 oil on canvas and is available through my studio.

Update on Changes At Western Avenue Studios and the Lowell Art Scene

     Although I have not kept up with my posts I really have continued working in my studio in suite #326 at Western Avenue Studios as well as spending another late summer, fall and early winter being mentored by
artist Marie Stabile at the Cameron Senior Center in Westford, MA.  Last fall and Winter I also was a participant in a drawing course offered by Barbara Peacock in her home studio in Westford.  Art is a continuous learning experience.

     In July of 2013 I took over the complete studio in suite #326 at Western Avenue Studios and no longer share it with other artists.  The Western Avenue Studios has also continually undergone many changes and we now are 245 studios with more than 300 artists.  We have become the largest collection of artist housed under one roof on the east coast and we now include 50 live in studio lofts directly attached to the studios in the A Mill and C/D Mills.  As you approach the studios at 122 Western Avenue in Lowell, MA ., one of the first things you notice is a new larger sign on the red bridge that says Western Avenue Studios.  Also there is a new 3D sign over the renovated A mill entrance as well as a new painted sign over the C/D mill entrance and a new sign for Western Avenue Lofts.  Out parking lot has been reconfigured and now has landscaping and much improved lighting. The number of studios has been increased by building out studios on the Am mill 4th and 5th floors and in September of 2013 new studio space was opened on the 1st floor of the A mill with new windows and we also have a sunken patio where the flag pole and old rocket sculpture once stood.  A new direct stairway has been constructed to the second floor for direct access to the Loading Dock Cooperative Gallery and the entrance way to the gallery itself has been reconfigured.  Monthly exhibits are rotated in the gallery and new art talks and talks related to artists and their businesses are often held on Sunday afternoons in the gallery. All the overhead doors leading to the loading docks have been replaced with more attractive garage doors which include windows for natural light.  So you see there have been many changes at Western Avenue Studios which make it a great place to work and for some  a place to live and work.

The above pictures have were taken this fall (2013) before the snows of winter began.  This gives you an update on the growing art community at Western Avenue Studios.  In addition Lowell has more recently become a destination city for art with studios found in the Appleton Mills, Gateway Building, Ayer Lofts, Mill #5 and others as well as gallery Space at the Brush With Art Studios, Gallery 119., Zeitgeist Gallery, All Arts Gallery, Lowell Art Association Gallery and of course the famous Whistler House and Gallery.  Once a year during Lowell Open Studios coordinated tours are arranged During the first full weekend of October.  We provide free parking only 35 minutes or less from Boston or points north and Lowell is serviced directly by the commuter rail from North Station in Boston. Lowell is a happening Art Space!!!

Rekindling Joe Lapiana's Sunset Studio Art Blog

One of the most difficult things I find to do is to keep up writing and posting in my blog.  It seems that so much time goes to answering email, checking face book and twitter and surfing the net for interesting sites
that are art related.  I resolve to try to post more frequently in 2014.  I will also post some work that I have done since my last post....primarily work that I completed in 2013.