Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Studio Work Space

These are a few more pictures of Studio #326 and in particular my work space near the front with a big mill window for light. The wall behind displays a few of my paintings. I hope to get back to posting some new work in the next few weeks.


In this photo which was taken 1-28-10 I am working on finishing an 8 X 10 oil on canvas of a still life which was begun on January 24th at a paint in of the Nashua Area Artists Breakfast club. One of the artist's in the group invited us to paint still life paintings of 3 different groupings of flowers,pottery and fruit. I am somewhat pleased at my painting two vases, one of tulips and the other of hyacinths and golden rod like flowers. Painting from live subject is something I need to practice more,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open Studio at Cameron Center

Recently I, along with several of my fellow artists who paint in an open studio at the Cameron Senior Center every Monday afternoon were featured in a slide show created and used by the Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley during their annual meeting in a presentation called Creativity and the Older Adult: A Look at the Extraordinary. This is a picture taken for that slide show. I thought that I would include it as my final post today. I am now caught up with the projects I have been working on recently.

Waning Light on Cranes Reservation

One of my favorite places for experienc-ing the stillness of nature is by the salt marshes on the Cranes Reservation in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This 16X20 original oil on canvas was painted following such a trip to the marshes. I was attracted to the changes in the sky as seen against the greens and greenish gold of the marsh grasses and reeds as the light was beginning to fade late in the afternoon.

This is an 16X20 original oil of a quiet spot for reflection in the Granitville Village of Westford, MA. I call it the Gazebo on Mill Pond. Westford has many beautiful spots for quiet reflection as we are fortunate to have four major bodies of water and several brooks and streams.

This is another of my series on fruit and vegetables. It is an 8X10 original oil on canvas board. Of the series so far I am less pleased with this painting. I thnk that the highlights and light direction need more work and will try this subject again at a later date.

Wow.....Where does time go? I have continued trying new subjects even though I have not posted. My last post was at Thanksgiving. Inspired by the painting I did of the mini-pumpkins and sage, I decided to try several fruits as subjects. This is an 8X10 original oil on canvas board. I am somewhat pleased with the highlights and shadows and plan to continue learning the strokes necessary to accomplish reasonable representations of fruits and vegetables.