Friday, June 18, 2010

My studio mate brought a Phalenopsis orchid into our studio many months ago and this plant has thrived and bloomed and rebloomed,  Orchids have always been a favorite of mine and so here is my representation of an orchid which I call The Sentinels.
I am quite pleased by the results and enjoy painting flowers.
Several of my friends have joined the new movement to raise chickens for fresh eggs. This painting which I call Chanticleer captures a rooster struting his stuff.  I have enjoyed painting a variety of subjects, learning and revising my approach as I paint each one.
This painting was inspired by my attendance at a cousin's wedding where the ceremony took place at Portland Head Light on Cape Elizabeth in Maine. Lighthouses have always had a special attraction for me and I know that many people are collectors of lighthouse paintings.  This is the second in a series of lighthouses that I am painting.  The painting is a 16X20 oil on canvas and is available for purchase.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free to Run

This painting was a commission for a lady whose daughter brought this dog home as a rescue dog from a shelter.  The dog is about one year old and really enjoys running on a beach and playing in the surf.  I was quite pleased in my ability to capture the whispy nature of the dog's fur as it stood in the wind and the expression on the dog's face.  This painting is not for sale, however, I do accept commissions of dogs if that interests you.

Breakfast Club Challenge

This photo was set  up as a challenge by Nita Legere Casey of the Nashua Area Artists Breakfast Club. The challenge was that painting of them was restricted to two colors, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna as well as black and white.   My challenge painting which appears below the challenge photograph was a great surprise to me in that before attempting this challenge, I really did not think that I could have achieved the many colors in this painting using such a restricted pallete.  This challenge was an incredeible learning exercise.  It is through challenges such as this that we grow as artists in our understanding of how to approach new art. I am very grateful to my artist friends in the "Breakfast Club" for the many things they have taught me and for their encouragement and support over the last few years.

Dragonfly's Flight

I am quite pleased with this painting which I call Dragonfly's Flight.  It is a 16X20 oil on canvas which is for sale.  I liked the challenge of painting the transparency of the dragonfly's wings.  This painting will most likely be entered in the Chelmsford Art Society's Fourth of July Show.

Monday, June 7, 2010

More Friends and Family at Open Studios May 1st Our Spring Art Thing

Open Studios May 1st

Finally a new post! Where does time go? This is a picture of some of my family visiting my studio at Westerrn Avenue on May 1st. My niece Kathy, Me and Sister Rosemarie. All seemed to enjoy the many open studios and it was good to see friends and family.